We need your help as a Friend of Hope Springs Farm to continue to provide the high quality services and support as well as essential learning and community activities we offer.

It's your generosity, that keeps us going! Your gift ensures we have all the tools we need need to provide our Growers a purposeful and meaningful day in our community and with their friends - Every day!

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It's time to join us in supporting our Growers in their community!

You can make a difference Today!

Every morning as the sun comes up over Hope Springs Farm, our rooster crows, and our talented and dedicated staff begin arriving. They work hard to make each day count in the lives of our Growers. You can also make a difference in the lives of our Growers.

We know you appreciate the hard work of our staff, but we need your help as well. Your generous donation helps us provide better quality services and programming. We can bring our Growers to more community recreational activities, we can do more cooking and gardening activities, and we can provide better supervision and support for our Growers. All of these things (and more) contribute to our Growers having a purposeful and meaningful day, and you can be a big part of that happiness!

Two great examples of your contributions improving our program are our Music Therapy and Yoga programs. During this year we have been able to increase both of these activities, and the Growers love them. Successes like these come from the generosity of our Friends like you. You can make a difference in the lives of our Growers - Today!

Thank you.

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